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Not without a storm: communist manifesto for the age of globalisation
towards a communist manifesto for the age of globalisation

by Cliff Slaughter

Global capital is destroying civilised social conditions, the environment and humanity's accumulated cultural achievements. It threatens humanity's very survival.

Organised protest and the defensive struggles of trade unionists are essential but by themselves cannot overcome the ravages of globalised capital. In Not Without a Storm, Cliff Slaughter shows how the issues of this century challenge everyone who fights for a truly human society to rethink their ideas. The collapse of the Soviet Union was not the defeat of communism: it was the end of international Stalinist reaction. By revisiting Marxism, Slaughter shows there is an alternative to capitalism: communism -- not some imagined ideal society, but the necessary freedom and equality of human beings made possible and necessary by today’s productivity of labour and the accumulation of wealth created by it.

Globalised capital has not rendered Marxism irrelevant: it is the outcome of the laws of motion of capitalism that Marx discovered. The purpose of this book is to contribute to refounding working-class, socialist internationalism for the 21st century.

Slaughter, the author of many books and articles on Marxism (notably Marxism, Ideology and Literature), draws on the recent work of István Mészáros (The Power of Ideology, Beyond Capital), the French Carré Rouge group, Claude Meillassoux (L’Économie de la Vie), and others. This is an optimistic, exciting and collaborative book.


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