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publishes books on socialist politics, history and Marxism
Many of our titles are now out of print but are listed here for completeness.

Books by the late Peter Fryer include The Politics of Windrush, (reprinted 2018), the classic socialist response to the Hungarian revolution of 1956: Hungarian Tragedy, and the readable Aspects of British Black History. Peter Fryer has also written advice on how to improve your writing.

The struggle for socialism after 1945: Highlights are books by South African revolutionaries, particularly relevant in the light of the betrayals of the present South African government, and Norman Harding's account of a lifetime in the workers' movement and in the Healyite SLL and WRP, and the struggle against Gerry Healy (now out of print).

The Russian Revolution and the struggle for Trotskyism against Stalinism: Classic titles from New Park Publications. 
History of the Workers' movement: In Nazi Germany, in Russia, in Ukraine, in Britain. Marxism: Some Marxist classics originally published by New Park Publications.
Writings of Leon Trotsky: Some classic titles from the New Park Publications backlist are available from Index Books.

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