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The Russian Revolution, the Left Opposition and
Stalinism and the emergence of Trotskyism

These books were originally published by New Park Publications Ltd. and later available from Index Books. Most are now out of print, but some are still available.

1903: Second Congress of the Russian SDLP1903: Second Congress of the Russian SDLP
Minutes of the congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party at which Lenin and his supporters split from the Mensheviks to form the Bolshevik Party. Translated by Brian Pearce
978-0-902030-94-7 538pp. 7.95 out of print

Baku: Congress of the Peoples of the East 
Shows how the Bolsheviks sought in 1920 to forge alliances with the oppressed peoples of the East. 
0-902030-90-6 204pp. 4.95 out of print

Bolsheviks in Power

The Bolsheviks in Power: Reminiscences of the year 1918
A.F. Ilyin-Zhenevsky
Behind-the-scenes account of building the Red Army to defend Soviet power. The author, a Military Commissar, deals extensively with the difficult relationship between committed Bolsheviks and the military experts whose services they had to call on.
978-0-86151-011-5 164pp. 6.95 

The Bolsheviks under Illegality
S. Tchernomordi
Advice on conduct under state repression, based on experiences under Tsarism. 978-0-86151-031-3 40pp. 2.50
The History of the Bolshevik Party 
G. Zinoviev 
Lectures given in 1923 describe the struggles of those who built Bolshevism and carried through the Russian revolution. 
978-0-902030-44-2 124pp. out of print

Kronstadt and Petrograd in 1917 
F.F. Raskolnikov 
Gripping account of the part played by the Kronstadt sailors in the Russian revolution.
978-0-86151-023-8 368pp. out of print.

G. Zinoviev
Zinoviev's speech in 1918, after a failed assassination attempt on the leader of the infant Soviet republic, decribes Lenin's role in the creation of the Bolshevik Party and the Russian revolution. 
0-902715-20-8 48pp. 0.50

The Red Army
Erich Wollenberg
Classic account of the formation of the Russian Red Army, written by a German communist who fought within it. 
978-0-902030-96-1 283pp. out of print

Tales of Sub-Lt Ilyin
F.F. Raskolnikov
Seven tales of a Russian Bolshevik sailor in the civil wars which followed the October revolution. 
978-0-86151-025-2 208pp. out of print

The Young Trotsky
Max Eastman
A readable account of Trotsky's early life, written in 1925. 978-0-902030-92-3 104pp. 3.95

The Left Opposition

Documents of the 1923 Opposition 
Speeches and writing against the growth of bureaucracy by leading oppositionists, including Trotsky, Pyatakov and Preobrazhensky. 
978-0-902030-63-3 80pp. 3.95 

The First Ten Years 1923-1933: History and Principles of the Left Opposition 
Max Shachtman
978-0-902030-64-0 60pp. 1.95


Platform of the Joint Opposition 1927From NEP to Socialism 
E.A. Preobrazhensky 
A leading Bolshevik economist writing after the introduction of the New Economic Policy in 1921.
978-0-902030-43-5 116pp. 4.95

One Long Night
Maria Joffe 
Inside an Arctic prison camp in 1937, by a woman who survived 29 years in Stalin's camps.
hardback 978-0-902030-93-0 247pp. 5.99
out of print

Platform of the Joint Opposition 1927
The joint challenge to Stalin and the bureaucracy by Trotsky, Zinoviev and their supporters.
978-0-902030-41-1 117pp. 3.95
out of print


Stalinism and the emergence of Trotskyism

The GPU in the Trotskyist Movement
Georges Vereeken
Stalinist disruption, sabotage and murder in the European Trotskyist movement in the 1930s. 978-0-902030-84-8 390pp. out of print

The Red Book
Leon Sedov
The court transcripts of the Moscow Trials of 1936, in which Stalin framed the leaders of the Russian revolution, are scrupulously analysed and exposed as lies by Trotsky's son.
978-0-86151-015-3 120pp. 3.95
out of print

Stalinism in France Volume 1
Tom Kemp
The origins, growth and degeneration of the French Communist Party over 20 years, from its formation to the outbreak of the second world war. Kemp, well known as a writer of economic history, never completed the planned second volume.
978-0-86151-040-5 200pp. 5.95
out of print

Trotskyism versus Revisionism 

Volume 1: The fight against Pabloism 
978-0-902030-54-1 371pp.
out of print

Volume 2: The split in the Fourth International 
978-0-902030-55-8 223pp. 4.95
out of print

Volume 3: The SWP's road back to Pabloism
978-0-902030-56-5 318pp.
out of print

Volume 4: The International Committee against liquidationism
978-0-902030-57-2 350pp. 4.95
out of print

Volume 5: Fight for continuity of the Fourth International
978-0-902030-72-5 208pp. 4.95
out of print

Volume 6: The OCI breaks with Trotskyism
978-0-902030-73-2 256pp.
out of print

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